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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SYSPRO PARTNER DATACCOUNT TO PRESENT SYSPRO ERP SOLUTION AT ATLANTIC DESIGN & MANUFACTURING SHOW IN NEW YORK CITY SYSPRO ERP Can Be Easily Configured to Fit Current/Future Operations  NEW YORK. – June 4, 2014 – Dataccount, a leading East Coast supplier of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, today announced that they will […]

Why We Like Back to School

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When I was a kid, I always loved this time of year. During the last weeks of summer, just as all of my friends were trying to forget the soon-to-be start of the school year, I would haunt the stationary stores that had “Back to School” sales. I just couldn’t wait! I haven’t changed all […]

SYSPRO: “Hidden Data” as Vital as “Big Data”

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I just got some fascinating news from SYSPRO – they have announced today that SYSPRO ERP software offers users the ability to access “hidden data” as well as “big data.” We’ve heard a lot about “big data” in the news, but for manufacturers it’s a must to execute efficient and rapid product recalls.  Joey Benadretti, […]

We Hope To See You In Philadelphia for the Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Show

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The Dataccount team will be in Philadelphia the week of June 17th for the Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Over 18,000 manufacturers and distributors will be there, and we will discuss how the careful selection of Enterprise Resource Planning software enables small and mid-size manufacturing entities to enhance operational efficiencies […]

Why We Like SYSPRO

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SYSPRO is a strong solution for manufacturing and distribution and there are a number of advantages that SYSPRO provides over many other solutions.  One key advantage is that SYSPRO is a single product company: they make the SYSPRO solution and only the SYSPRO solution.  It’s what they’ve done for 30 years and it’s what they’re […]

Mr. Who? Becoming Mr. ERP: Part II

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During my involvement with Columbia University’s ERP system implementation and management, I recognized, even then, that accounting encompassed more than just cutting a couple of checks and doing bookkeeping.  It starts digging down into all the of the operations of an organization: how can you automate, how can you integrate, how can you tie-in all […]

First Question When Buying ERP: Can We Do It Better & Smarter?

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Often when a company is looking into ERP there’s one or two motivating factors; and since ERP has been around for so long, in most cases the company is currently on a system that that hasn’t been updated in a decade or more.  As a result, there’s either something they need to do with their […]

Mr. Who? Becoming Mr. ERP: Part I

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I’ve been doing ERP for 30 years, and people often ask me if I planned a career in IT.  Like most people, I backed into my career through chance and good luck.    In college, I was initially pre-med, but most of my classmates thought it was strange that I spent my time reading novels […]

Dataccount Celebrates 100 Years and Counting

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I started Dataccount in 1992 because I thought that technology is a tool best used to achieve business objectives.  Too many companies buy the latest and greatest (or just the latest) without fully thinking-out whether a technology buy was a necessary expense in the first place.  I wanted to provide a fully-integrated solution that enables […]

So Long, 2012; Hello 2013!

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It’s time to say goodbye to 2012.  We have spent a lot of time this year reaching out to clients old and new by investing in new methods of communicating — including a total revamp of our Web site, reaching out on this blog, extending our presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and even starting […]