Why We Like Back to School

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When I was a kid, I always loved this time of year. During the last weeks of summer, just as all of my friends were trying to forget the soon-to-be start of the school year, I would haunt the stationary stores that had “Back to School” sales. I just couldn’t wait!

I haven’t changed all that much – it’s still my favorite time of year. Because as Labor Day approaches and Autumn is near, more and more manufacturers and distributors are reviewing functions and procedures to become more effective and to drive business. And driving business is what effective ERP is all about.

I attended several tradeshows for manufacturers and distributors for a broad array of businesses this summer, and I kept hearing the same thing over and over again. Autumn is often a company’s most important calendar season, and more and more businesses said they will only succeed by working more efficiently, by streamlining processes and by integrating procedures.

For me, the best part of implementing SYSPRO ERP is sitting down with clients first and learning everything there is to learn about how they do business. These sessions, called JAD (Joint Application Design), are like the biggest, most extensive “What I Did for My Summer Vacation” tests in the entire world. Every facet of the business, from internal communications to shop-to-floor protocols to made-to-order procedures and everything in-between are reviewed to see how SYSPRO can manage – and improve – on them. It’s a mutual learning process that brings to mind my happiest moments at school.

So, to all the companies we’ve met this summer, and all those we will meet this Autumn, let’s crack the books and see how we can make your business more profitable.

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