SYSPRO supports a wide range of production methods, enabling manufacturers to achieve the agility needed to remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace. Today, suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) are being forced to provide more product, sourcing, shipment and billing options to meet ever-exacting customer demands. Whether managing distributed operations across physical or logical sites, multiple modes of production, synchronized scheduling between sites and work centers and engineering change management across sites or entities, SYSPRO modules offer the tools by which discrete manufacturers can level the playing field in the short-term and emerge as tier one suppliers in the long-term.

SYSPRO is designed to support all aspects of the manufacturing process. This breadth of functionality gives SYSPRO ERP the ability to synchronize, integrate and control a variety of manufacturing process types all within one software system.  SYSPRO ERP is unique in its ability to customize the manufacturing environment, apply rules-based, dimensional product configuration, accommodate engineering changes, formulate multi-level estimates for custom items, manage inventory across multiple sites and achieve finite planning that encompasses real-time control of the factory floor.

SYSPRO ERP supports both short and long production runs in the following manufacturing environments:

  • Make-to-Order – Where the production of a product is usually a combination of standard items and items custom designed to meet the special needs of the customer.
  • Job Shops – Where similar equipment is used to manufacture a variety of goods that follow a distinct routing through the shop.
  • Make-to-Stock – Where the products produced are standard items with volumes based on expected demand.
  • Configure-to-Order – Where the production of discrete products has unique or custom properties that can be prototype parts or complete items.
  • Assemble-to-Order – Where the product is assembled to customer specifications using standard parts after receipt of a customer’s order.
  • Engineer-to-Order – Where products are produced according to customer specifications involving unique engineering design or significant customization. Each customer order results in a unique set of part numbers, bills of material and routings.
  • Batch Process – Where parts are accumulated and products processed together in a lot.

SYSPRO ERP is a proven solution with a long history of success in the following industries: Primary/Fabricated Metal; Equipment; Industrial and Commercial Machinery; Injection Molding; Automotive & Auto Parts; High Technology; Electronics; Furniture; Wood Products & Paper; Medical; Pharmaceuticals; Aerospace; Food & Beverage; Consumer Packaged Goods; and Outside Processing.