Our Team

Meet the Dataccount team! Some of us have been here for 10 years … some more than 15. We come from all over, but share one thing in common – we love technology. We’re energized by its possibilities, we listen to it tick, and we work to help make it run better.
What is the Dataccount team holding? Read through to the end to find out…
Russell Frost, Principal

Russell Frost is also known as Mr. ERP because of his 30 years experience in evaluating and implementing ERP software. Frost founded Dataccount Inc. in 1992 to apply business best-practices with safe and reliable technology for small-to-mid-size organizations in the Tri-State area. He started his career as the Chief Financial Officer of Columbia University Business School, where he received his Master’s in Business Administration in 1987. Frost joins his expertise in business with his experience and interest in technology, acquiring knowledge and experience unique in his field. You can visit Mr. ERP Says to read Russell’s thoughts, watch Mr. ERP videos or contact him directly via email or call 212-595-1044 ext. 106.

Oumar Diop, Senior Accountant

Oumar Diop balances more than just “the books” at Dataccount, where he also manages the deployment of accounting software for our clients.  Oumar helps clients troubleshoot and maintain their accounting systems, and works with clients in licensing and maintaining compliance.  Oumar is also our multi-lingual guru, speaking Wolof, French, a bit of Arabic, and, of course, English.  Oumar is often the man at the other end of the phone line, walking clients through new systems.

Contact Oumar via email or call 212-595-1044 ext. 121.

Andy Baron, Systems Specialist

Before joining Dataccount as Systems Specialist, Andy Baron consulted for OmnicomGroup, a global leader in advertising and marketing, and he has extensive experience in the manufacturing and distribution space.  Aside from working on ERP and database projects for our clients, Andy provides customer and network administration services and troubleshooting.  He began his career in the garment industry, designing and operating systems for a sportswear manufacturer, enabling the company to handle rapid expansion. Andy next managed operations at a handbag manufacturer for four years, where he automated inventory management, including bills of materials, usage tracking, purchasing, and planning.   Andy also developed systems for recipe management, cost tracking, and order fulfillment at a wholesale/retail bakery in Florida.  Contact Andy via email.

Bob Madison, Account Director

As Account Director at Dataccount, Bob Madison leverages his ability to build strong partnerships with a proven track record of results-oriented communication. Bob serves as a liaison to a variety of clients, technology partners and executive teams in this complex and evolving landscape, enabling him to suggest and implement impactful business solutions.

A public relations professional, Bob has 20 years of diverse communications experience in corporate and nonprofit senior positions. He is the former Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Emisphere Technologies, Inc., a New-Jersey based drug development company. Bob also served as Director of Public Affairs, at Hoffmann-La Roche for Pegasys, the nation’s leading hepatitis C therapy, as well as National Communications Director of the American Liver Foundation (ALF). His C-Suite experience uniquely positions him to provide strategic counsel for company and department heads, marketing teams and in-house communications professionals. Contact Bob via email or call 212-595-1044 ext. 119.

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