Network Maintenance

Dataccount is a complete resource for networking local phone, area network, printer, Internet access, e-mail, remote access and security systems. We provide design, installation, bandwidth optimization and maintenance of all office networks.

Dataccount will troubleshoot, maintain and inform you on the status of your current network, and work with you on expanding your network with anything from new security implementation to a complete redesign. Network Maintenance services are available on a per-assignment or in a Fixed Cost/Managed Services agreement.

Fixed Cost/Managed Services

Dataccount acts as an in-house IT department for all your business technology needs. For one monthly flat rate Dataccount can support, troubleshoot, debug, and maintain hardware and most software at an optimal level. Plans include disaster recovery with procedures in place to have your company back up and running promptly.

Under a Fixed Cost agreement, Dataccount provides regular network checking, adding and removing of IPs, subnet maintenance, domain setup and maintenance, troubleshooting and resolving of problems on the network, troubleshooting of related hardware attached to the network, setup and changes to security policies, adding and removing of users, implementing filtering and anti-spam solutions. We customize our services to best fit your business. Call Dataccount for a free consultation to ensure that your network is as secure and reliable as you want it to be.

Data Integrity, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Dataccount, which acts as a virtual IT department for its client-base, is often called upon to maintain the integrity and availability of its customer’s data. As a Premium Partner selected by Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leading provider of technology products and services, Dataccount increased its solutions for business continuity and IT infrastructure efficiency, and to use them as stand-alone solutions.

Every business needs a scalable, reliable backup plan to protect their data, minimize downtime, and lower data storage and management costs. The expert advisers at Dataccount develop long-term strategic technology plans utilizing Paragon Software as a solution to deliver backup, disaster recovery, virtualization and migration to help businesses protect their data.

Paragon Software Group – Solutions Overview

Dataccount offers the complete line of Paragon Backup & Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, Migration, and System Optimization solutions that help you secure and manage your data and optimize storage management for PCs, servers and networks. Streamlining imaging, migration and deployment processes through central management and automation frees up IT personnel and boosts productivity and ROI on your IT investments.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Dataccount offers innovative, yet cost-effective solutions that protect your data, minimize downtime, and lower data storage and management costs while ensuring business continuity through instant system recovery. Live server migration technology (P2V, V2P, V2V and P2P) makes conversions easy and allows you to leverage virtual environments for powerful and flexible DR strategies. The product includes a robust scripting engine for out-of-the-box backup requirements and customizable WinPE and DOS/Linux recovery media.


Paragon Partition Manager is one of the most widely used partitioning utilities by IT professionals. It offers advanced partitioning and file system optimization, partition alignment, comprehensive bootable environments, dynamic disk support, disk editor and boot corrector utilities. The product also allows you to automate and script processes for larger jobs.

Technical Support

Paragon Software Group prides itself in offering the best tech support in the industry. All our tech support “reps” are highly-skilled engineers located here in the US who love to talk to our customers on the phone, rather than hiding behind email or online chat.

Why Choose an IBM Server?

You need a provider you can count on. IBM is the right choice for hardware and servers that you can count on. Combining open, industry standards with deep business experience and renowned research, the IBM X-Architecture® blueprint equips System x™ and BladeCenter® servers with innovative technology that makes IT easier and more reliable. Proactive tools that help you manage complexity and support the growth of your business and data center. Capabilities that help you become more efficient so you can go green and start saving. Imagine enterprise servers, blade servers, modular servers and solutions that are open, easy and green with innovation that can help set you apart from the competition.

Affordable, Reliable, & Secure

IBM servers provide the perfect server solutions for business enterprises looking for safe, reliable, and powerful computing and storage. As a NYC-based reseller of IBM server products, Dataccount offers our customers servers that deliver performance and flexibility at affordable prices. Your business can’t afford to miss the powerful impact an IBM server will have on your operations.

For more information on how an IBM server from Dataccount can help your business, call our office at (212) 595-1044, or email us at: Oliver(at)dataccount(dot)com.