SYSPRO – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Over 14,500 licensed companies in more than 60 countries use SYSPRO. With one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry SYSPRO clearly differentiates itself by offering elevated service levels and a personal one-to-one relationship with its customers. SYSPRO is one of the few mid-market business application vendors focused on developing a single source solution. This single “DNA” ensures that there is one installation and no complex integrations or requirements to install multiple modules.

SYSPRO produces software specifically for manufacturing and distribution entities. SYSPRO ERP controls every component of the business, including Financials, Sales, customer relationship management (CRM), Inventory, Operations and the Supply Chain. When new data is entered into one module, updates are automatically made to related functional modules, enabling management to make pertinent business decisions based on real-time “snapshots” of current conditions.

SYSPRO ERP software offers unparalleled visibility, agility and control with an extremely attractive price performance ratio. The company continually seeks customer input on desired functionality and incorporates these in new software releases. This clear business focus as well as differential functionality delivered around four Super Vertical industries — Food, Medical Devices, Machinery and Equipment and Electronics – are the reasons SYSPRO has been able to deliver one of the most highly utilitarian ERP solutions for over 30 years.