Paragon Software

Data is not some abstract concept – you run your business on it. Data is the nuts and bolts of your operation, including inventory, payroll, tax and accounting information, project management, Human Resources databases, sales and orders, deliveries and precious client information. Can you afford to lose any of this vital information in the current economic climate?

We find that many of our cParagon Softwarelients are not satisfied with their backup and disaster recovery solution due to cost, performance or reliability. However, Paragon Software Group offers a complete line of Backup & Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, Migration, and System Optimization solutions that help you secure and manage your data and optimize storage management for PCs, servers and networks.

Technical Support

Paragon Software Group prides itself in offering the best tech support in the industry. All our tech support “reps” are highly-skilled engineers located here in the US who love to talk to our customers on the phone, rather than hiding behind email or online chat.

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